Structured Water and Breathing


What is Structured Water?

Structured Water is life-giving, energized water whose molecules have been balanced and reorganized through natural spin motion as found in nature, for example, in a mountain stream. In a very short distance through the Natural Action Technologies Units, water is made balanced and coherent, and also set free as nature intended it. It’s hydrating, energizing, preserving, and strengthening from a newly-created aerobic environment.

How does it work?

There are four main reasons it works:

  1. Neutralizes toxins.
  2. Increases bio-photonic energy.
  3. Increases oxygen saturation.
  4. Increases cellular hydration.

Let’s see what is involved here:

  1. The toxins are neutralized

Crystal complexes in liquids are alive.

In liquids:
Structured Water = 120 degree crystal angles = Clean Water.
Unstructured Water = 90 degree crystal angles = Toxins.

Notice this laboratory comparison of crystal complexes in structured water versus non-structured water below.

Structured Water crystal angles = 60 degrees (left)
Unstructured Water = 90 degrees (right)

  1. Energy in liquids is increased via molecular spins and free form flow

Notice this comparison between different waters and their output of bio-photonic energy, through state-of-the-art Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) from the brilliant work of teams of Russian scientists and mathematicians led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

  1. Oxygenation in the water is increased

By virtue of the new hydrogen bond angle event, oxygen becomes more prevalent in the water and in your bloodstream. Structured Water is the obvious Winner! Now, which do you prefer to run your brain and your body?

How do you do structured breathing?

To simplify the structured breathing process, breathe smooth, slow, and deep both in and out…go gently. Please be sure you have drunk two cups of warm water within 10 minutes of the structured breathing. A second pint within 30 minutes is recommended so as to assist with the detoxification process that occurs with structured breathing.

Important: If it is your first time, just do 1 easy, unforced breath through each cycle. It is important to start slow and let your body become OK with clean, energized structured air. Understand, this is a significant event.

How do I begin the process?

  1. Breathe in through the structured unit thru the mouth, and out the nose without the unit for
    as little as 1 breath up to 3 minutes.
  2. Breathe in through the unit through the left nostril, and out through the right nostril
    without the unit (1 breath to 3 min).
  3. Breathe in through the unit through the right nostril, and out thru the left nostril without
    the unit (1 breath to 3 min).
  4. Breathe in through the unit through the left nostril, and out through the mouth without
    the unit (1 breath to 3 min).
  5. Breathe in through the unit through the right nostril, and out through the mouth without
    the unit (1 breath to 3 min).
  6. Breathe in through the unit through the both nostrils, and out through the mouth without
    the unit (1 breath to 3 min). It’s ok to use only 1 unit but use 2 units, one per nostril, for an
    amazing effect if possible.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If time is limited, do what is possible. Even 1 structured breath can improve one’s state of being. Most people will experience a light, calm, and open state of being. Three (3) minutes seems to be a long enough time to really have fresh, clean oxygen infiltrate the brain and body.

In reality, the physiology of the body changes immediately with the first structured breath! We have seen significant shifts with people in just 1 to 9 structured breaths. This is clearly substantiated through the ancient arts of Applied Kinesiology and Oriental Pulse Testing, as well as computerized technologies such as Acu-graph and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV).

Also, one can focus on their current chief complaint in life as they breathe through the process. What is bothering you?…Breathe It Out! (BIO). What is bothering one generally seems to fade by the time the breathing process is complete. For example, feel the negative feeling you are feeling in your body right now, about some one, some thing, or some event. Now, begin the 6 Step Process.
Notice how much better you feel after the process!

Try to bring back the old feelings you started with. Notice you can’t. If for some reason you can, repeat the process.

What is the explanation of what is happening and how this works?

See paper in ResearchStructured Breathing: How It Works for You

I see you are using a Portable Unit and inhaling through the spout end.
Can this be done with any unit?


How many rounds of the 6 step process do you recommend?

Depends….How much time do you have?

One (1) breath through each step will open anyone’s brain regulation. So, if you only have 30-40 seconds, do that! It’s enough to open brain regulation, clear emotions and center a person. IF you have more time, we usually do a 2 minute session with people that’s 3 rounds thru each step. This is enough to clear emotions, rebalance, and oxygenate their brain. We have gone as much as 20 minutes and it’s very empowering…but we only recommend you start slow and build up!

2 pints of room temp structured water is highly recommended BEFORE the Structured Breathing to hydrate and oxygenate the brain and body!

Please relax and enjoy EACH breath. That is, do not rush the breaths. People will usually start to slow down and relax into the breaths after a few steps have been achieved.

2 cups of warm structured water is highly recommended BEFORE the Structured Breathing to hydrate and oxygenate the brain and body! Please relax and enjoy EACH breath. That is, do not rush the breaths. People will usually start to slow down and relax into the breaths after a few steps have been achieved.

Where can I use it?

It can be used anywhere to improve health, growth, and preservation of life. So, use it in the home, at work, on the farm, or even when traveling. Use the Natural Action Structured Water unit whenever you use water: for drinking, cooking, food and beverage preparation, washing, rinsing, watering plants etc. You can also run any beverage through the Natural Action Structured Water unit before you consume it, the more times the better! Put one in the refrigerator. Leave one in your car. Take it to gym, school, or on your next journey. Drink and Breathe with it!

When can I use it?

Anytime and for any situation. 2-3 times a day will suffice for most people.
Any unit, any time works…

These recommended times are based on Chinese Clock organ function:
Upon waking, 11am Heart, 3pm Bladder, and before bed Endocrine are excellent times.

See Seven Waves Paper.
But again, ANY time works…
For our schools, teachers, and students: Before class.
For our factories and their workers: Before a shift.
For our athletes and performers: Before a game or practice.

Who can use it?

From young to old, structured water and air is for all humans, pets and animals, plants, and even machinery. 

Why use it?

To neutralize toxins, energize the body, and improve the energy of every liquid, food, agent. The list of uses are many and varied.

See 125 Reasons to Use an NAT Structuring Unit

Where can I buy one?

Right here, right now! When you order from the Shop page, we offer FREE worldwide shipping and we ship immediately!

Do I need to buy filters or replace parts or do maintenance?

No, this is a one-time purchase. The beauty and simplicity of these devices require no extra filters or parts to buy or maintain. EVER! Proper installation and use will provide you with a lifetime of the gift of structured water. We recommend a plumber when necessary, but most products are easily installed by following the directions and watching the installation videos.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! All units are unconditionally guaranteed for 20 years. If there is ever a problem, send it back, and we will fix or replace it, providing it has not been dropped or mishandled.


September 17, 2012

What’s the difference between the original and the dynamically enhanced model?


November 21, 2012

First of all, just know that both units unequivocally structure water by increasing the water’s energy and neutralizing toxins!

We find that the special energetic properties of the added proprietary materials in the new Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring Units assist greater in the following.

*Energetic Properties that regenerate and restore our bodies, and the environment.
*Energetic Properties that eliminate and absorb things that are harmful to man and nature.
*Energetic Properties that have the ability to clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.
*Energetic Properties that neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.
shielding the harmful effect of any origin like computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones.
*Energetic Properties that increase immunity to illness and disease.
*Energetic Properties that rejuvenates the skin.
*Energetic Properties that enhance and increase plant growth and sustenance.