About Us

About Us

During the covid pandemic Caregivers Wellness Foundation dba A New Days Studios, a 501c3 nonprofit, was gifted to Love Heals Foundation in order to implement our expanded vision. Love Heals Foundation is a private, humanitarian, self-supported, un-incorporated, organized foundation.

We are different from so many because of our mission and investment back into the communities in which we operate.

We provide practical wellness care and emotional support to adults and children accompanied by their parents  We offer evidence-based practices in wellness, prevention, and self-healing, with training in these areas.

The foundation of our work is energetic and based on the belief that there’s nothing wrong with you- we are all simply programmed from a young age to forget the truth of who we are.  Energy work, and breathwork guide you back to you – your heart, your power and your magic. 

We are dedicated to assisting you with good self care. Please click services in the tool bar for further explanation. Our services include: 

• Breath Work 

• Meditation 

• Vibrational Healing with the Power Plate 

• Light Therapy 

• Vibrational Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls 

• Energy Healing with the Biomodulator 

• Acupressure

• Essential Oils

• Crystals

• Life Coaching

• Reiki

• Channeling

Is this a good fit for me?

Though this isn’t something we can answer for you, it is something we can help you determine.

Quiet your mind and body, go within, and ask yourself (or your guides, ancestors, or loved ones passed on) if you would benefit from the work we offer. Pay attention and notice how you feel after posing this question and if you receive any nudges. Honor what comes to you.

If something feels off about that for you, honor it. Our work is not for everyone and that’s okay. If we are not the right match for you, someone else will be.

Our Vision

Increase knowledge of wellness care practices available and to build a sharing community for Practitioners that serve these needs.

Our Mission

Provide a solution to overwhelming stress through Reiki and other Healing Sessions for the body by increasing awareness of wellness practices, self-improvement. and meditation classes to support self-care for all adults and families.

How It All Started


After teaching and practicing Reiki for over twenty years, Jennifer Ledbetter saw the need to address the emotional and physical challenges of caregivers. She frequently refers to the caregivers as “the unseen workforce”. She also saw a great need for new practitioners to have the support of an experienced mentoring community.

Jennifer serves as the volunteer Executive Director and volunteer Managing Director of Love Heals Foundation.

While navigating sacred infinity as she engaged in spiritual studies throughout her teen years and adult life, her focus is helping others to consciously and responsibly experience and express their souls’ purposes through sharing ancient wisdom teachings.

A New Day Studios was created to support Lightbeings like YOU reveal and share your unique healing gifts and abilities with the world, for the greater good of all.


We are blessed to share with you a practical, energy healing Reiki training course that not only teaches you the principles of energy healing, but also supports you on your own healing journey.


Are You Ready?

  • Are you ready to live your higher Divine purpose?
  • Are you ready to be empowered to heal yourself, family and friends?
  • Do you feel called to help bring the world back into peace, balance and harmony?
  • Would you like the expert support of an experienced Energy Healer to guide you as you develop your own energy healing services?
  • Are you already a therapist, coach, yoga instructor, practitioner or medical professional and you’d like to offer energy healing to your clients?
  • Do you want recognized certification?

If you answered YES! to one or more of the above, this Reiki training is for YOU!

The Aim Of This Training Is To:

  • Give you the necessary tools to begin practicing as a confident Reiki practitioner right away
  • Help you discover, nurture and share your own healing gifts with the world
  • Support your spiritual growth and healing


May your light illuminate the paths of many.

Our Work

•  Provide Reiki Energy Healing through private sessions, and other Wellness Care Services.

Act as a bridge between Wellness Practices and the Medical Community

 Provide Reiki understanding, and awareness to activate the healing arts of Reiki

Practitioners share three Private Session Rooms, by Appointment Only

Reiki Training Classes

Why We Are A Non-Profit

We provide ongoing weekly and monthly Free “Reiki Shares” open to the public at several different locations in Memphis.  Also, we now offer free Reiki training to our volunteers providing Reiki to patients receiving chemotherapy.

Caregivers Wellness Foundation was founded by Jennifer to give ownership to the public, providing a way to create a never-ending-legacy through stewardship of our board of directors. 

Today, our nonprofit is doing business as A New Day Studios.

How we fund our activities:

•  Apply for Outreach Programs’ Special Grants, both local and national.
•  We accept donations online, postal mail, and donations from community events.
•  Currently, we have applied for funding for a local study on Reiki benefits for trauma victims.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about our community outreach.

If you would like to support us, click the button below or you can also send donations through postal mail to:

A New Day Studios, P O Box 279 Collierville, TN 38027-0279