About Us

About Us

Caregivers Wellness Foundation dba A New Day Studios is a Healing Arts community, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We provide practical wellness care and emotional support to adults and children accompanied by their parents  We offer evidence-based practices in wellness, prevention, and self-healing, with training in these areas.

We are dedicated to assisting you with good self care. Please click services in the tool bar for further explanation. Our services include: 

• Breath Work 

• Meditation 

• Vibrational Healing with the Power Plate 

• Light Therapy 

• Vibrational Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls 

• Energy Healing with the Biomodulator 

• Acupressure

• Essential Oils

• Crystals

• Life Coaching

• Reiki

• Channeling

How It All Started

After teaching and practicing Reiki for over twenty years, Jennifer Ledbetter saw the need to address the emotional and physical challenges of caregivers. She frequently refers to the caregivers as “the unseen workforce”. She also saw a great need for new practitioners to have the support of an experienced mentoring community.

Our Work

•  Provide Reiki Energy Healing through private sessions, and other Wellness Care Services.

Act as a bridge between Wellness Practices and the Medical Community

 Provide Reiki understanding, and awareness to activate the healing arts of Reiki

Practitioners share three Private Session Rooms, by Appointment Only

Reiki Training Classes

Why We Are A Non-Profit

We provide ongoing weekly and monthly Free “Reiki Shares” open to the public at several different locations in Memphis.  Also, we now offer free Reiki training to our volunteers providing Reiki to patients receiving chemotherapy.

Caregivers Wellness Foundation was founded by Jennifer to give ownership to the public, providing a way to create a never-ending-legacy through stewardship of our board of directors. 

Today, our nonprofit is doing business as A New Day Studios.

  • How we fund our activities:
    •  Apply for Outreach Programs’ Special Grants, both local and national.
    •  We accept donations online, postal mail, and donations from community events.
    •  Currently, we have applied for funding for a local study on Reiki benefits for trauma victims.


    Contact us if you would like to hear more about our community outreach.