Shukriyyah Aquil

Shukriyyah Aquil, nature artist, educator, California State Certified Herbalist (Stanford University), and chef, has been a healing arts practitioner for over 45 years.  In 2005, she developed her own Heart Art program in California for women with repeating prison sentences. Her program was utilized in CAAP  (Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program), and also in CAPP (Child Assault Protection Project). She’s a valued addition to our Art for The Heart program at ANDS.

She also specializes in vegan and vegetarian food with a macrobiotic flare. She supports clients in detoxing and rejuvenation through the use of herbal remedies and education on natural food for the purpose of making better diet and lifestyle choices. To that end, she opened Ezekiel 47v12, Memphis’ first “Housetaurant” in 2018, one of our few vegan cafes serving flavorful Southern-Style home cooked meals.