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Distance Healing

Jennifer Ledbetter
4564 Warden Rd.
Memphis, TN

Through the influence of the home life of my growing up years and the honoring of my gifts, talents and potential to be realized day by day, I learned to hold a vision of the highest and the most benevolent outcomes for all of us and for our Mother Earth, our Solar system and all of creation.

Since my teenage years, I have been drawn to study raising my/our consciousness by going beyond lower dimensions into a higher vibrational frequency. I find the higher vibrational frequencies are best accessed with a balance of love, wisdom, and power within our hearts; making that part of my inner work.

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Jonte Bouchard
4564 Warden Rd.
Suite B
Memphis, Tenn 38122

Jonté Bouchard is a Reiki practitioner, distance healer and life coach.  In addition to Reiki, she offers chakra balancing through crystal healing and intuitive counseling. She is also willing to offer Pet Reiki to small dogs and cats.

Jonté holds a BA in psychology as well as a Masters in French Linguistics. She is also a specialist in Braille. Having studied at Sewanee, Middlebury and the American University of Paris, she deeply understands the emotional spectrum of being a college student. The pressure of quality education can wear down the physical and spiritual bodies, so she is here to provide Reiki and energy healing for college students and other adults who seek balancing.

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