Jennifer Ledbetter, Reiki Master

Jennifer Ledbetter is the founder and president of Caregivers Wellness Foundation (CWF), a 501 c (3) non-profit organization, dba A New Day Studios.  She was introduced to energy medicine by her Mother and she has been practicing energy medicine since she was a young teen. It was through this early training that Jennifer embraced The All who serve “Sacred Fire”, which guides her to this day.  Jennifer is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of nine grandchildren.

In 2017, after many years of serving the public through free weekly Reiki clinics, Jennifer established CWF. Her current mission is the expansion of affordable, integrative, wellness-care options to our Mid-South community, including the underserved.

Jennifer shines a gentle bright light into the hearts and minds of those around her, inspiring students to bring their best healing presence to the community. This light establishes confidence, coherence, and Divine alignment within the practitioners and those they serve.

FMI: (901) 691-1533 or Email Jennifer



Dr. Marilyn Watts, M.D.

Dr. Watts' focus is teaching people how to live a healthier, more vibrant life simply using "FARMaceuticals In A Box", by consulting in person and by phone. Visit her website


Kathy Amdal

FMI: (901) 237-7619 Email Kathy


Cat Evans, Reiki Master

Cat Evans is a Reiki Master, practicing almost 10 years. Her life’s purpose is to help others heal using the holistic practices of Reiki, sound healing, and intuitive counseling. She is passionate about educating others the benefits of Reiki. FMI: (901) 603-4763 or Email Cat


Kelly Finlay, Reiki Master

Kelly Finlay is an Empathic Intuitive Reader|Healer, Reiki Master, Herbalist, and Spiritual Teacher. Kelly creates a safe space for the exploration and healing of past patterns that may be negatively affecting your life, provides guidance and tools to facilitate positive change, and connects with your energy to help empower you to live your most authentic life. An enthusiastic and perpetual student of metaphysics Kelly has spent 15 years learning and honing her skills. When shes not working, she enjoys spending time with her 3 children and traveling. FMI: 270-317-2830 or  Email Kelly


Shirley Hawkins, Reiki Master

Shirley Hawkins is a Shamanic Reiki Master., Healing Touch Level I Practitioner, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner II, and Color Therapist. She has 43 plus years of nursing experience, 17 years in cancer research, 16 years in holistic medicine. She uses Tapping, Sound Therapy (tuning forks), crystals, essential oils, and Emotion Codes. FMI: (901) 487-0771 or email Shirley

Leigh Kruger

FMI: (901) 747-8772 or  Email Leigh


Sharon Marvel

Sharon Marvel is a clear and open channel for Source energy, with over 35 years of experience in the Healing Arts. Her innate abilities to communicate with our guides and the Beings of Light include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and toning - a vocal form of sound healing. Sharon offers circles and classes in Radiant Well-beingness for Women, dream work - (Dream a New Dream), and Awakening Body Coherence - meditations to open neural pathways through sound, body focus and intention.

She's available for individual, family and group sessions and does home "energy assessments", using the guidance and information your home provides.

Please call (901)623-1968 for details!


Susie Melton, LMT | Reiki Master

Susie Melton is a registered Reiki Master in Tennessee, and also an Aroma-Therapist, a Certified Natural Healing Coach, and holds a Bible School Certification.  Susie has been an LMT in New Jersey for over 20 years; taught Reiki in Newark through Wise Women Programs; and worked for Massage Envy and several other spas in NJ. Susie also operated a business in the NJ Family Healing Center.

Susie says, “God has blessed me with a beautiful gift, seeing and knowing things to come. I use my healing touch and voice through Reiki.  It's my prayer to God... Divine Peace, Divine Health!

FMI: 201-463-5358 or Email Susie


Phil Vance


FMI: (901) 497-4612    or Email Phil



Tammy Williams


FMI: (901) 399-9688 or Email Tammy

Become a Practitioner

If you are a holistic practitioner seeking a healing arts community and would like to share affordable space, please feel free to contact us.  Please call Jennifer, 901-691-1533, for practitioner aggrement details.  We are happy to set up an interview to determine if we can meet your needs.

Do you offer?

• Reiki
• Healing Touch
• Massage Therapy
• Acupuncture
• Reflexology
• Movement
• Sound Immersion (bowls, gongs and drums)
• Life coaching
• Readings (Akashic, Tarot, etc.)
• Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Sealing
• Essential Oils
• any other holistic art or integrative medicine

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