The political climate in the U.S. has really been bringing forward the shadow aspects of our collective consciousness.  Know that no matter where we sit on the continuum of opinion that we are loved, we are whole, and we are complete.

The polarity serves a great cosmic purpose. We are each being called forth to claim our power, heal ourselves, and activate our crystalline nature, as we shift our consciousness from 3D to 4D and beyond. The polarity begs the question: do we realize how powerful we truly are?

Our sun is a catalyst for the dimensional shifts we are experiencing. You may have noticed that the sun seems different.

  • If feels brighter
  • and gives off rainbow rays wherever we look

We are encouraged to seek out the light

  • notice when it shines on you from reflective surfaces
  • pay homage to it when you are out in nature and it warms your skin
  • marvel at the subtle and not so subtle ways the rays of the sun find their way to you

This is not happenstance; the sun is seeking us out. It desires to. . .

  • wash us in it's rays
  • activate our cells
  • awaken our pineal gland
  • open our high heart chakra and unity consciousness
  • stimulate the mechanisms that serve our Soul ascension

Washing ourselves in sunlight clears, charges, and energizes us. Take time every day, multiple times per day to get outside. With face toward the sun, set the intention:

"I am open to receiving your healing and activating rays"

and simply breathe it in.

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