Healing Ourselves

Our physical bodies are coded at a carbon-based rating of 6-6-6, meaning the chemical properties of our organic matter resonate with the specific vibronic rate of 6-6-6. Due to the Shift taking place as a result of the waves of vibrational healing rays we are being bathed in, our DNA cellular structure is changing. Our body is speeding up its vibrational metabolism. Our bodies are capable of handling higher frequencies of growth change. Our body's cellular structure is slowing changing to a 9-9-9 or diamond-based body. Our cells are expanding, not in physical proportion, but through interdimensional transmutation. In order to allow for higher frequencies of light to move through us, our cells need space to house these higher dimension light vibrations.

Consciously working with the changes on a physical level and a spiritual level is very healing. All of us are now going through a major house cleaning. Our cells are doing whatever they can to accommodate the large amount of high frequencies that are being directed into the Earth.

Working with Vibration

Our Earth is being bathed with wave after wave of vibrational healing rays as we move from the limitations of 3rd dimension into 4th and 5th dimension. In fourth dimension we have the ability to be very aware of all things. The most important gift the we will remember is the gift of healing. One of the keys to moving into the next stage of evolution is through utilizing healing techniques that assist us in remembering the divinity that we are. Tools of love and techniques of putting into practice that love is the greatest medicine and that is using 4th dimension healing techniques.

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