Elohim Peace and Aloha’s Temple of Peace

Spiritual Retreat of the Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Peace and Aloha focus the energies of the solar-plexus chakra of the planet in their retreat located in the etheric plane over the Hawaiian Islands. From the Temple of Peace, the Elohim radiate ribbons of Cosmic Christ peace over the entire earth as a network of the Cosmic Christ consciousness.

In addition to purple and gold flames, Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays are focused in this retreat. The forcefield of the Temple of Peace may be visualized as a purple and gold heart, with a magnetic forcefield of alternating purple and gold concentric heart-shaped rings. The flame in the center of the heart is the flame of Cosmic Christ peace. This forcefield is superimposed over the temple.

Entering the Temple of Peace

One enters the etheric temple in the etheric body and immediately feels the eternal presence of the flame of peace. The entrance hall leads into a round room; ten pillars grace the circular walls, which reflect the pulsations of the secret rays anchored in the center of the room. The altar of the secret rays is sunken in the center of the room. Three steps lead to a circular pathway surrounding the altar in which the secret rays are anchored.

Proceeding on past the altar of the secret rays and down a hallway, we descend a flight of stairs leading to the great Hall of Peace. This is actually in the center of the temple, architecturally patterned after the hall we have just passed through, except on a larger scale. There are twelve pillars on the circuit, evenly spaced on the circular walls that reflect the purple and gold of the Elohim of Peace anchored in the center dais.

Descending the three steps and walking around the focus, we come to the thrones of Peace and Aloha. Between the twelve pillars that adorn the sides of the temple are twelve doors leading to twelve circular anterooms, one of which is the room through which we just passed where the secret rays are focused. The flame of peace, being at the fulcrum of the Christ consciousness, is in the center of the temple, the throne of Peace and Aloha at the twelve o’clock line and the secret rays at the six o’clock line.

Initiates on the sixth ray study at the Temple of Peace under the careful guidance of the Elohim who are in charge. Those who are preparing to embody on the sixth ray will spend some time here before re-embodying in order to learn how the Elohim focus the flame of peace through the Holy Spirit in nature and the activities of the builders of form.

Kuthumi Initiated in the Temple of Peace

Prior to his embodiment as Saint Francis, when he prayed, “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace!” beloved Kuthumi studied under the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, in his retreat in the Himalayas. Before taking on a physical body, he was brought to the Temple of Peace where his development of the flame of peace was tested through ordered steps of initiations that are conducted under the auspices of the hierarchy of that retreat.

Outside the great Hall of Peace, there are three other buildings (at the nine, twelve, and three o’clock lines). Here the Brotherhood of Peace works diligently, drawing up plans for the implementation of peace throughout the world.

Volunteers who study there while their body temples sleep or who are between embodiments come to the retreat to study the plans for peace. Here they take vows before Peace and Aloha to go forth as their representatives in the world of form to carry the flame of peace and to implement the plans of the Brotherhood of Peace.

Those who have journeyed to the Hawaiian Islands can attest to the great peace they feel there, which extends throughout the Pacific Ocean.