Elohim and Their Retreats: Purity and Astrea

 PURITY AND ASTREA – Elohim of the fourth ray (the white ray) of purity, perfection, hope, and wholeness. It is the flame of the Mother and the flame of the ascension–the desire to know and be God through purity of body, mind, and soul through the consciousness of the Divine Mother which embraces the natural laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane. 

Purity holds the divine pattern of the perfection of the Christ for all that is in manifest form, focusing the white fire that is in the heart of every sun and atom–the pure white light out of which emanates the seven ‘rays’, or aspects, of the Christ consciousness. Blue is considered the feminine aspect of white because the white fire of Purity coalesces as blue in the Matter plane. Thus Astrea, the feminine complement of Purity, works twenty-four hours a day wielding the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame to free the children of the Mother from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan held in the heart of Purity. Astrea personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.” 

You can make the circle and sword of blue flame practical in your life as Jesus Christ did to exorcise the boy possessed of a demon–the one who lay on the ground frothing at the mouth, whom the disciples could not heal (Matt. 17:14-21). As Astrea has explained, “The disciples had attempted, again and again, to cast out the demon from that boy, and I tell you they exerted themselves to the fullest. But they lacked the faith and they lacked the knowledge of our octave of light. If my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame had been invoked around that boy by any one of those disciples, they would have found that that demon would have left on the instant and would not have remained for a second. This was the power of light which Jesus himself invoked. He invoked that energy of the blue flame, and it immediately fulfilled the destiny that God intended it to do.” 

The circle of blue fire invoked from the heart of Astrea is a dazzling blue-white fire that oscillates as two concentric rings of fire–the blue of Astrea, the white of Purity–interchanging frequencies at such a rapid rate so as to appear as the action of blue-white lightning flashing around souls, planets, solar systems, galaxies–wherever there is a need for the reinforcement of the will of God in the divine blueprint held in the white-fire core of being. 2 

Whenever and wherever there is discord in any form, in any of its aspects, you should call in the name of the Christ to the Elohim Astrea: “Lock your cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of that condition.” Then see this circle of the sacred fire lock around the individual at the waist, around entire groups of individuals, around buildings, around entire cities, states, nations, and even around the earth at the equator. See this in your mind’s eye as a ring of brilliant sapphire and diamond-flashing fire–its regular, almost geometric flames cutting away, like a buzz saw, layers and layers of discord and density. Then visualize the sword of blue flame as a pillar of blue fire perpendicular to the circle of blue flame, breaking the matrices of darkness, shattering forcefields of disease, decay, and death. And above all, see the Elohim standing over each individual for whom you are praying, holding the sword of blue flame two inches from the spine and parallel to it. 

This is the action whereby the Elohim demagnetize the being and consciousness of the individual of all anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Spirit manifestations, all sinister strategies of the fallen ones, and the serpentine energies of the carnal mind. Whenever and wherever you invoke the circle and sword of blue flame from the heart of Purity and Astrea, you can know with absolute certainty that an action of cosmic momentum is taking place. 

On January 1, 1962, Astrea came “fervently” to point out that the power of the circle and sword of blue flame must be consciously invoked. For “unless you shall make the conscious call to my octave, I have no authority whatsoever to enter your world, and I stand like the Great Silent Watcher and remain holding a perfect God design for you but unable and immobilized….” In these “brief words” following the New Year’s Eve address by Lord Gautama Buddha, Astrea emphasized that “while another may render an assistance to your lifestream, no one other than yourself can possibly know thyself for thee. Each one of you must somewhere, sometime, deign to acknowledge your God Presence. And this, I think, is a privilege without parallel in the life of everyone who is a manifest Son of God.” 

In a dictation given on September 14, 1963, Astrea locked the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of political intrigue and deceit; by the action of the circle and sword, the Elohimic Mother stripped from each one all doubt and fear and directed “the tides of cosmic regeneration which shall sweep aside all that debris which is misqualified energy and then transmute it that it, too, may be free to return to the heart of God from whence it came….” 3 

The angelic host accompanied Astrea, radiating their blessing throughout the planet. The Elohim was also accompanied by the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit. “Know ye therefore that to all here who will acknowledge the purity of their Presence, the snowy-white dove of the Holy Spirit stands poised ready to enter the chalice cup of your heart and to commune therein with you….” During the same dictation, Mother Mary joined Astrea, the angelic host, and the Maha Chohan. Mary holds for each son and daughter of God “the fullness of her great Mother’s love which will sweep you also aside from all that tide of human aggression…into the fullness of your own immortality and the grace which is her portion.” 

In a dictation given on June 7, 1964, Astrea emphasized that the intense light locked within the heart of your own I AM Presence is “awaiting your call to flood the world.” The ‘Blue Mother’ pointed out, therefore, that “there is no more sinister activity today in action than that which would belittle the mighty power of God within the human heart and spirit.” 

Astrea also noted that mankind in fear often “sweep under a rug the actions that passed through them,” not realizing that all “must be brought into the great hallowed circle of their own heart flame for cosmic redemption.” Astrea explained to mankind, therefore, that “if there is any need for fear it is the fear of grasping in some recessed fold of their consciousness some form of unpure energy and letting it lurk there to infect them at the very moment of victory. O precious ones, if you will only draw forth, and if necessary drag forth, from the recessed folds of your consciousness all that is not of the pure light of God and will honestly tell yourselves the truth about your own thoughts, you will find a new era of cosmic purification coming into manifestation in your world.” 

Continuing the dictation, Astrea cautioned: “Do not permit any individual upon this planet, precious ones, to interfere with the divine plan and its outpicturing in your world,” for “there is no more important action under heaven than the fullness of your own divinity manifesting through you.” 

In conclusion, Astrea observed that “there are many times when individuals feel that some small imperfection is not very important….Beloved ones, you never know when some little mite of imperfection may be just the required offering which you must give to your own Divine Presence before you can be wholly consecrated into the victory of your ascension.” 4 

At Mighty Victory’s Class of Angels, Elementals, and Men on June 10, 1965, Astrea invited Archangel Michael and all of the blue-flame angels in every part of the universe, in particular those within the “electronic circle” of Virgo and the God Star Sirius, “to join me as I lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of all mankind’s servitude, their bondage, and human creation….I declare that this planet is and ought to be free! By the power of the blue lightning of divine love, I declare that divine love is flowing forth! I declare that divine love is coming like a giant tidal wave and it will press…over the cities and over the hearts of men, and the faces of men shall shine with renewed hope….The fears that mankind have had, the fears that have often come upon them, shall be erased by the hand of God, by the hand of divine love….Blaze forth the blue lightning of divine love, and accomplish my fiat! Go into action this night, and do thou thy perfect work. And thus, with the harvest of the dawn the world shall be different because God wills it so.” 

Nevertheless, on August 21, 1966, Astrea said that in spite of many dispensations and acts of mercy, “mankind have continued to provoke the cosmic law.” Indeed, “men have reason to cry out in this age, ‘Deliver us from evil.’ They have reason to surround themselves with my circle and sword of blue flame. They have reason toinvoke purity.” Astrea explained that “individuals do not have to consciously recognize evil in order to become tools of evil. All they need to do is to affinitize the vibratory action of their world with that of the hordes of darkness and shadow and there is immediately made a path, an inroad into their thought and feeling world.” 

The Elohim also pointed out that “it takes a great deal of time, as mortal time is reckoned, for individuals to come to a point of illumination and a point of assimilation where they can assimilate and understand the law. You know great is the power of light and great is the power of God, but mortal individuals tear down the power of God so quickly that that which God builds over a period of weeks and months and years is destroyed almost in one second or a few seconds of mortal activity.” And so Astrea says that “the time has come when error must be exposed and individuals must no longer keep their head in the sand as ostriches but must learn Christ discrimination as a means to their victory.” 

On May 28, 1967, Astrea described the circle and sword of blue flame as a “tangible instrument” which by simple invocation can be placed around unwanted thoughts, desires, or persons, around undesirable places, or any 5 

condition of imperfection. The Elohim explained that “when my circle of cosmic light comes around that substance, there is an instantaneous power of the divine Word of God that invokes the light of God in its pristine purity. This light originally existed in those atoms of substance….When those atoms find that the power of the light is expanded within them, the shadows of imperfection…are, on the instant, transmuted; and there is an effective release by the electrons which draws back to the heart of the Great Central Sun for repolarization the pollutants and the impurities.” 

Astrea then spoke of the occasion when the disciples of Jesus Christ tried but failed to exorcise the demon from the boy. “If my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame had been invoked around that boy by any one of those disciples, they would have found that that demon would have left on the instant.” Astrea explained that these laws are, in one sense, almost mechanical. “But unless mankind know that they must invoke them, and unless they do so with a tender and contrite heart, with a loving heart, and with a definite amount of cosmic faith in our existence, they cannot bring about these miracles.” 

On July 27, 1968, Purity came with Blessed Fragments of Purity (see p. 105) “to remind you of the transcendental nature of yourself.” The Elohim explained that “the world today is filled at subtle inner levels with those magnificent patterns that are wielded by mighty cosmic forces that seek to bring into manifest expression in the world of form the beauty of the golden age, that seek to bring to man’s consciousness an attunement with higher dimensions and spheres of beauty right while he walks below.” 

Purity spoke of “the magnificence of your own divine image,” recalling “those grand, glorious golden ages when your own beloved Saint Germain and others of the ascended host were rulers in the physical kingdom of the world. And the teachings–as in Atlantis of old in the fullness of her glory and in ancient Mu–made every man aware of his spiritual power. And darkness and deceit and the need to create the lie did not exist in the world, but pure honesty of heart. And when men met one another, they were able to gaze at the light of the heart….This was an era of the God Self walking the earth below. And some of you carry in your finer bodies those subtle memories of those moments of universal purity when you were able to rise from the ground with the greatest of ease….Those days should come again–don’t you know?” 

Purity then explained that because “human sophistication and wit” superseded faith in God, there occurred “a decay of the vital energies of the 6 

Spirit in mortal affairs, a shrinking of the silver cord, a decreasing even of the tube of light, and a shortening of the life-span of man.” Purity said that in the days after the Flood, “the Elohim were called into the cosmic councils.” 

Standing amongst the legions of light, Purity “was consulted as to what should occur” and Purity said: “Let us once again enthrone the world in a concept of purity; for when they sank into that oblivion of mortal stature, when they began to understand themselves as mortal beings, when they thought of themselves as a puny intellect in a limited form, they entered the realm of the confining world and joy and purity were no more within them….Let us rekindle in them the flame of purity.’” And so “we remained holding the immaculate concept for every lifestream below…for the world had waned in its expression of the divine image but heaven had not, nor has it to this hour.” 

Continuing the dictation, Purity promised that “if you will stand with me this day in a fervent determination to reverse the course of human history, to reverse the course of human energy within the forcefield of your own individual world, I will stand with you for the balance of this embodiment and I will assist you according to my expression of universal law.” 

On December 30, 1968, Astrea–“concerned, then, with the cleaning up of the world of men that they may be fit candidates for the ascension in the light”–addressed those involved in psychic and spiritualistic activities, stressing the need for the purity of the Christ mind. Astrea declared that “the authority of your own I AM Presence is the only power in the universe that can ever give you your freedom. You cannot depend, then, on outer devices–on crystal balls, on fortune-telling apparatus, and on various horoscopes which are cast.” Astrea explained that the true science of cosmic astrology is not known or printed in the world today, but only in “the inner schools of the Great Brotherhood.” (Since this dictation was given, Mother Mary has released the fundamentals of her teaching on the science of the cosmic clock to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. See The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History, and Religion of America, pp. 173-206.) 

Having given forth this understanding of the law, Astrea pointed out that this “admonishment is not condemnation”; for “the time must always come in everyone’s life when they finally can admit that some condition in their world, whether it may be cigarettes or liquor or other activities which they have desired to overcome, must be overthrown by the activity of the Christ within them.” Astrea declared that the “traps are many.” The Elohim 7 

explained that gambling is an entity and Lady Luck “the counterfeit of the Goddess Fortuna.” Astrea urged invocation to the circle and sword of blue flame as “one of the greatest blessings” in the overcoming. 

On April 10, 1971, Astrea addressed Keepers of the Flame in a dictation entitled Angels of Triumph Invade the World Order. The Elohim pointed out that “most human problems in this world are the result of negative influences from the shadowed gray ones–those who have taken God’s holy light and misqualified it with their own selfish and thoughtless energy. This, then, is sent forth and often becomes the communion wafer of those entities in the dark strata of manifestation in the astral realms wherein the power then is given by humanity to the astral realms–by their thought and feeling, by their free will–so that humanity later become the victims of that energy.” 

Astrea explained that “it is the dark ones who supply the obsessional thoughts to humanity, the thoughts of negativity, the thoughts of fear, and the thoughts of doubt.” The Elohim said that “it is this into which I would plunge my sword of blue flame,” for “there are no darkened conditions in the world of form, there are no problems of the human that cannot be corrected with the circle and sword of blue flame if mankind will understand the protective nature of that great blue-flame circle–a circle of protective influence used by God himself and wrapped around and sealing all the creation originally.” 

On November 21, 1971, Astrea pointed out that “each of you has within you the power to override all mortal conflicts, all attempts to dominate your mind by embodied humanity or even by disembodied entities functioning on the plane of the psychic level. We want you to understand that you hold within yourself a focus of the living God….” 

The dispensation granted by the Elohim: A Replica of My Circle and Sword of Blue Flame Placed in Your Third Eye, in the physical body as a “spiritual focus from our octave of light.” The Elohim said that “whenever you concentrate upon this replica and will it so, that circle and sword of blue flame within you shall magnetize the circle and sword of blue flame in the macrocosmic world, which will provide you tremendous assistance. I pledge to you that if you are sincere and deeply devoted to God in your heart, I will surely answer you; and assistance will be forthcoming–in some cases, even before you call.” Astrea added that this dispensation “can only be made permanent as you use it.” 8 

On July 22, 1972, Astrea enfolded devotees in Ghana, West Africa “in the Elohimic light, the light of your cosmic reality” for The Freeing of a Continent. Astrea explained that “the psychic world is not the spiritual world” and warned the African people to “shun and avoid” involvement in witchcraft, astral or psychic contact, necromancy, and communion with the dead–“the astral mutterings of those spirits that peep and mutter, of those conditions which are only the mirage appearing on the desert of self….For much, if not all of that which happens in the astral world is but a rehash or a remanifestation of that which takes place in the human world of form….” Astrea went on to explain that “human joy, when it functions in the astral realm, is but a masquerade of divine joy. It is a game of charades.” 

The Elohim reminded Ghanaians that God chastens those he loves and that “heaven may wink at the former days of your ignorance when you engaged in those activities which are not productive of that latent good which God has already placed within the fold of your souls as a talisman of cosmic magic to free you by the power of the risen Christ and the vibratory action of the ascension currents from those dregs of human wonderings and human despairs.” Astrea emphasized that “it is not merely a worded concept which I am releasing into your mind and being. Instead, I am placing there the folds of righteousness and Godly purity which are the basis of the foundation of the Earth and of every planet and of every star and of the filament of light that lights a universe and a cosmos.” 

On June 30, 1973, Purity came for The Restoration of Mankind to the Original State of Pristine Purity. The Elohim said: “I am known as the shining one; for I use the great consciousness of purity, which God by his grace has bestowed upon me, as a giant reflector for the Great Central Sun magnet.” Purity came then “to complete the task of hierarchy in the popularization of the angels of purity” upon the planet. “I tell you, not a fortnight shall pass that mankind en masse shall not rise up in appreciation for the flame of purity in government, in the economy, in the households, in education, and in music and the arts. For the electrifying power of purity goes forth by the fiat of Alpha and Omega this day…. 

“And so I am come, and so I have made to you the announcement of this century for the Elohim of the Fourth Ray–the release of purity this day. It is an awesome and an auspicious event in the halls of the Great Central Sun, and mighty messengers of light go forth bearing purity. And the mighty comet that 9 

shall appear in the heavens ere six months shall pass is a manifestation of the messengers of cosmic purity….” 

Purity declared that “all evolutions shall know that purity is in vogue. And this is the hour, this is the time to embrace purity, to walk in purity, to dress in purity, to drink in purity, to live and to love purity–purity as the vivid colors of the seven rays of the mighty Elohim, the archangels, and the chohans; purity of effort, purity of design, purity of meter, purity of being that enhances perfection everywhere….This age, then, shall come to know and esteem and to revere the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” 

At the conclusion of this momentous release, Purity said: “If you will accept my ray, I shall place upon you now a replica of the cosmic ovoid called the Cosmic Egg. And I shall place around you the formation of cosmos itself, and you shall come to know yourself as child-man evolving within the incubator of cosmos. And when the hour of your ascension draws nigh, as a tiny bird you will prick the shell of purity’s flame, of the Cosmic Egg. And that flame will infold into the ascension spiral, and you will stand forth born again from the womb of the Cosmic Virgin to the eternal day of the divine appearing. And I shall welcome you into the arms of purity, where you shall dwell forevermore! 

“I take my leave of you to minister unto the vast evolutions of the Cosmic Egg, and one day you shall minister unto them with me and with my legions of light. I promise you that I shall take you upon a journey such as no mortal can even imagine at the hour of your ascension to explore the vast reaches of this giant egg. Therefore, make your home in the womb of the Divine Mother; and know that the Cosmic Egg is that womb, that place, that abode for the evolutions of millions and billions of starry beings, ovoids and galaxies, Christs, sons of God!” 

On July 4, 1973, Astrea came for The Purging of the Company of the Saints–Go and Sin No More. The Elohim declared that “there is no avatar, no son or daughter of God who has won his victory from this or any other planet who has not employed the mighty cosmic circle and sword of blue flame.” Astrea explained that “that circle used together with my sword is the specific antidote for every form of the human consciousness, every aspect of darkness. If there is any reason why you do not make progress on the Path or the substance of your human consciousness lingers, it is because of lack of 10 

application to the heart of God, to the heart of the Christ, and to the heart of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray.” 

Astrea emphasized, however, that “if you called to me yesterday and you have problems today, recognize that you must call my being into action every twenty-four hours to receive the relief from those entities that have entered your consciousness through the wrong use of drugs, alcohol, smoking, all types of carnal habits.” Astrea desired that those present should feel “what it is like to be free–totally free of discarnates” who invade the mind and body. “The only forms and consciousnesses of a foreign nature which shall remain upon you this hour are those which you do not surrender into the flame because you identify with them in your outer personality,” the Elohim said. Then came the purifying action of Astrea’s fiat of light: “Seize that substance in the name of the Christ! Bind it! Blaze forth the light of Astrea!…It is done in the name of Jesus the Christ!” 

Astrea recommended meditation upon the Concerto in A Minor by Grieg, “for it contains the action of the circle and sword of blue flame.” 

Continuing the dictation, Astrea promised that “at any hour of the day or night when the trial comes, when the fires of crucifixion are upon you, you can know that you can win if instantaneously you address the Almighty, if you address Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Divine Mother and then call to the mighty Elohim, call to Astrea to release the circle and sword of blue flame around the cause the core of all that opposes your God-identity. If you will do that, I will promise you that you will not fail one single test along the pathway of life…. 

“Visualize yourself then as Astrea–as myself! For is not all being one? Can you not claim your identity as Astrea or as Arcturus, as Hercules, as Heros, as one and all of the mighty Elohim? Claim your identity as God, as the Elohim! And stand in the center of the circle of fire and proclaim your victory and your freedom from ancestral worship, ancestral ties, hereditary influences, dark forces, the negative electricity in the kosha sheath, which is that substance of electricity that you gather in your friction with the world. So let all of that be put in the center of the circle. 

“And as you stand in the center, that which is purified, that which you claim as your identity, shall rise up; and that which is purged shall be drawn from beneath you into the mighty circle. And the sword of blue flame which I wield is held by my angels parallel to the spinal column to demagnetize from 11 

those precious centers of light, the sun centers of Helios and Vesta within you, to demagnetize from the precious spinal fluids all astral substance, all astral entities which cling as leeches to the spine and drain you in a vampire action of your energies and your very life. Shake them off, I say! Nothing has power over you! Nothing can stay your hand when you make your consciousness one with the mighty Elohim!” 

On August 5, 1973, Purity came forth “with the power of purity that will set you free. For purity is the light to draw you into the center of the awareness of the original blueprint, the design of God for your very soul….” Purity explained that “when you place your attention in the center of the awareness of the Christ as love, the Christ as wisdom, the Christ as power, when you surrender your allness, your smallness, to the allness and the greatness of God, then you remain in the seat of awareness that is the seat of authority whereby in the name of the I AM Presence and in the name of the Christ you can command life free.” 

In the same dictation, given in Santa Barbara, California, the Elohim released the fire of purity for The Sealing of the West Coast for a Time and a Half a Time (see p. 39)–“the sealing at subterranean levels beneath the sea, beneath the land. And the light fills those areas where formerly darkness dwelled. And the light seals this coast…that the flame of the Divine Mother might appear, that Wisdom might teach her children, that the renaissance of the true culture of the Divine Mother might come forth.” 

Continuing the dictation, Purity sent forth the edict of Almighty God: “Let the earth be washed! Let the atmosphere be washed! Let the waters be washed by the washing of the Word!” Bidding mankind to “be electrodes of Purity,” the Elohim said: “You and you and you, receive the divine calling to restore mankind to their divinity, to enshrine within each heart the flame of God….I AM the power of God in manifestation at the Elohimic level. You are the power of God in manifestation in the octave of the Mother. So let us serve together.” 

On December 8, 1974, at the Portals of Purity seminar, the Elohim released “a sphere of purity–white fire from your own I AM Presence and from the heart of the Central Sun–unto a planet, unto a people…for the preparing of the way for the coming of the Christ consciousness.” 

These energies delivered by Alpha and Omega “if accepted by mankind, can make up for the gap, the two-thousand-year gap, in the cycling forth of 12 

the Christ consciousness.” In all who respond, who “consign to the flame the portion of self that is unreal,” Purity promised “the purging of being of all forces of the demons and the fallen ones and the entities and the discarnates. And there will be very real, tangible opportunity for a planet and a people to put on the Christ consciousness in these remaining days.” 

During this dictation, entitled The Exorcism of a Planet and Her People (see p. 65), Astrea came forth as Kali, “the demon-slayer,” explaining that “the circle of blue flame is the most tender action of the love of God….It is the hand of the Master Surgeon removing–without pain, without discomfort–all those elements that detract from the Christ Self in you. 

“I come, then, and I lock around each one of you who now, by your free will, request that action. I lock the circle of blue flame around the center of your being at the point of the beginning of the electronic belt, and I begin the whirlwind action of the sacred fire of the circle and sword of blue flame. And if you will accept, I have the authority of your own I AM Presence to lock around that layer of karma, that layer of record in akasha in the electronic belt that consists of a certain percent of that misqualified energy which the law has allowed, individually, that might be taken from you….Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of the Real Self in each one!…” 

Then the second step: “I take the sword of blue flame and I draw nigh to each individual who so accepts that sword. And I come to cut free each one of you from every tie to the astral plane, from every tie of binding habit, of fear and blame….Bolts of blue lightning from the heart of the Sun!…Blaze the light!” 

In silence Astrea performed another aspect of the purging of consciousness. Then “for the exorcism of a planet and a people I lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around Terra at the equator and I take that sword through the center at the point of the axis. Blaze forth the light!…So let the legions of the Cosmic Christ, of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, send forth now that fire that is for the binding of those certain fallen ones whose time is come….Let the action of the sphere of purity in the earth press out those who seek to hide in the dark places–the recesses of the subconscious of the planet and of the people.” Astrea said that millions of angels and legions of light gathered for this sacred ceremony. 

On March 23, 1975, Purity came, Reinforcing the Cycle of the Secret Rays within the hearts of devotees. “I come for the reinforcement of the sacred 13 

fire within your heart. And the legions of angels who accompany us this day go forth north, south, east, and west. Carrying an arc of light as in the ceremony of the maypole, they carry from the pole of being, from our own electrode of the Alpha-to-Omega consciousness, a filigree of light; and they carry these rainbow ribbons of light to the hearts of those who are prepared to receive the Spirit. And now the burning in the heart of the messenger is the release of that fire. As our beings are one with this form and formlessness, so we also converge in your hearts that you might feel the burning that the disciples felt on the road to Emmaus when Jesus walked and talked with them.” 

Purity explained that “the burning sensation is the adjustment of atomic particles and of the nucleus of the flame drawing into itself more of the fires of the sacred altar of God. Understand, then, as the sacred fire increases in the planetary body and in the body of God, so adjustments are necessary at all levels of consciousness in every part of life–in the elemental kingdom, the angelic kingdom, and the human kingdom.” Purity said that as mankind is drawn into higher frequencies, the time will come when “the light inundation of a planet will be so great that many will not be able to contain it. And as a giant electric spark traversing the skies, that energy then will cause them to be reabsorbed once again in the Universal, canceling out identity and life in Mater. 

“And so you see, ‘many are called, but few are chosen.’ The ones who are chosen are those who choose to increase the magnitude of the light within the heart chakra….Those who are called have a certain opportunity in time and space to make good the promise and the commitment.” 

Purity then spoke of Church Universal and Triumphant: “It is composed of these atoms of selfhood who have brought identity to a level of Christ awareness that cannot be gainsaid, a level of consciousness which, when the fires come, when the light descends, will find individuality reinforced, fired in the kiln, fired in the planes of experience and in the action of the transmutation of karma.” 

Purity then released spirals of light to anchor an electrode of the secret rays over major cities selected by the Elohim, the archangels, the chohans of the rays, the Fourteen Ascended Masters who govern the destiny of America in consonance with the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age. Purity explained that this dispensation of opportunity is provisional. “These cities, then, have that 14 

forcefield in place; but until that forcefield is lowered into the mental, emotional, and physical planes, it will retain a matrix unfulfilled, dormant–as in the wintertime of the etheric plane–until some respond to the quickening, to the awakening, to resurrection’s fires. And therefore the dispensation of the reinforcing of the cycle of the secret rays is only as good as those who in embodiment have pledged to keep the flame of life and to go forth as sowers of the Word sowing the seed of that Word upon fallow ground, upon the rock, upon the hearts of mankind.” 

In a dictation given on May 25, 1975, in San Diego, the Mother (base-of-the-spine) chakra of California, Purity and Astrea came Releasing the Light of the Mother within You–“wielding the sword of blue flame and the circle of blue-white lightning for the action of the arresting of the spirals of all that opposes the victory of the Cosmic Virgin incarnate in every man, woman, and child upon this planet…. 

“Now comes the judgment of the Great Whore and the impostors of the Divine Mother and the impostors of Kali and Durga and Mother Mary and all who implement the will of the Cosmic Virgin. Now judgment is spoken this day and the action of Astrea goes forth to bind the Great Whore, bind the Great Whore, bind the Great Whore!…” 

Thus was the judgment of Almighty God meted out on “the whoredom of this world”–all that is anti-Mother in advertising, pornography, and those who worship the lusts of the flesh, “even the Babylonians incarnated once again” and “those cohorts of the fallen ones, those who actually cause what has been known as the fall of Eve and the descent of the energies of the feminine ray.” 

As the great teams of conquerors and legions of angels from the God Star Sirius came with Archangel Michael in defense of the Divine Mother and the Mother flame within every son and daughter of God, the Elohim asked, “Who has said that purity is impossible?…Purity is wholenessd…Purity is loyalty to the cosmic honor flame, loyalty to your own soul blueprint…. 

“Now we say, those who would be rid of the Great Whore within as the perversion of the Mother chakra, submit it on the altar now silently within your heart. Release that energy in the name of the Christ, and it will be taken according to your will and your sustainment of that will day by day. You are the creator of your own carnal mind. Do not blame it on the fallen ones. You accepted that carnal mind, now you kick it out!” 15 

In a dictation given on July 2, 1976, in Washington, D.C., Purity outlined The Disciplines for Higher Consciousness. “I come to Earth and to this system of worlds to anchor a cosmic grid, a forcefield of cosmic purity, line upon line as a giant atom of fire,” the Elohim said. “It is the antahkarana of the disciplines of the Path. It is like a child’s jungle gym,…a geometry of fire whereby the souls who would climb to cosmic consciousness might go one-by-one secure–climbing over the bars of the antahkarana, taking the disciplines of Lord Maitreya, and realizing that the Path is not merely a ladder of life but it has many dimensions. And the more dimensions that you master, the more you come into the awareness of infinite dimensions of self-discipline until every fiber and hair and cell and atom of your own cosmos quivers to the law of the cosmos.” 

In celebration of “the freedom of the flame of freedom in America” on her bicentennial, Purity announced a dispensation whereby “before your ascension Serapis Bey will present you unto the Elohim Purity and Astrea that you might become a chela of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray.” Purity said that “there is no greater gift that we could bestow than the opportunity to be disciplined by the Elohim, for then you see the ascending chela has the added momentum of that God consciousness whereby he can move from the requirement of the balance of fifty-one percent of his karma to the balancing of one hundred percent of that karma by the grace of the Elohim.” 

Continuing the dictation, Purity warned “precious ones who desire to be free” that “those substances of the world become enmeshed in your very clothing, in your possessions, and your belongings, and as you pass through the world and as you go into centers of large populations…you take on a portion of that astral, psychic consciousness and the discarnates even trail behind you because they have smelled your light and they enjoy the fragrance of that light. And even the imprisoned elementals and angels also who have been imprisoned by black magic, they follow after you because they hope to be liberated by your fire and instead of liberating them sometimes you say, ‘I will not give my calls to Astrea today.’ And therefore you live in that substance, you live in that astral consciousness that is not your own but which becomes your own by osmosis; for that astral mire oozes through your aura and through your emotional body and pretty soon you find yourself thinking and feeling those things that are coming from the apartment next door or the house down the street, or the individuals who are down in city hall plotting their deceit and their practices of deceit against the community. And so I say as long as you have decided to be a fiery vortex of light, as long as you have elected to 16 

be a pillar of fire, then go all the way and make those calls to Astrea every day!…” 

Purity also explained that “whatever energy that is transmuted through your calls, when it becomes light it is your own; for you have claimed it, you have placed the stamp of your own Electronic Presence upon that energy, and therefore it rises to your own individual causal body and the sins of the world become the glory of your own star of rejoicing.” 

Purity then “sealed in your four lower bodies the grid and the forcefield that is the antahkarana of your discipline on the Path.” 

Astrea returned to Ghana on September 19, 1976, Delivering a Continent and a People from Their False Gods, False Prophets, and False Teachers. The Elohim brought “ten thousand angels carrying the sphere of Astrea and the circle of blue flame and the mighty sword of light.” Before going north, south, east, and west into the governments, into the educational systems, and into the churches, these angels stood before each one present: “Now according to the inner prayer of each soul, let the circle now gird each one round with the fire, the all-consuming fire of blue lightning…that consumes even the dark substance of the cells of the mind, the body, the feeling world, and the memory. Blaze the light of Astrea into the subconscious!…” 

Astrea called for the binding of the drug entity, all spiritual pride, and the carnal mind “of those who are willing.” Then the legions of Astrea went forth into the highways, the villages, the cities, the astral and physical planes. Speaking of that “one tiny little demon that flits as a fly in your ear,” Astrea explained that “we may perceive that one from a million miles away and we may observe your suffering, but we cannot release the light of ten thousand suns until you say, ‘Astrea, come in the name of Christ! Astrea, come in the name of the I AM THAT I AM!’” 

The Elohim then said, “You have heard the announcement that some who have given devotion to calls to Astrea over years and years of application have now been invited to frequent our retreat of purity and of light. I tell you, the retreats of the Elohim are open only to the very special devotees who have a militant action of light and of witness of our flame. This is the first time in thousands of years that we have opened the door to our retreat to souls of light because they have given the calls in my name day after day after day. And by those calls, I tell you, entire cities have been cleared of discarnates and 17 

of impending diseases projected from the astral plane. If you could only see what your calls to Astrea bring, you would know that by those very calls you are earning your ascension day by day by day.” 

In conclusion, Astrea described the legions that were in position over the entire continent. “They hold their swords of blue flame over every focus of darkness which we have mapped out from our own retreat,” the Elohim said. This included the records of the ancient black magicians and the black priesthood of Egypt. “We have studied the lines of force on every square inch of this continent….Now the entire continent is filled with the light of Astrea and so the action of the law and of the judgment is confirmed this day. Bind the false gods! Bind the false teachers! Bind the false prophets! Blaze the light!…Bind the mass floating grids and forcefields of darkness that have hung over the land for a thousand and a thousand years!…Bind the human creation of the fallen ones and the wicked who have left behind their creations of darkness as entrails to weigh upon the astral plane, those who have been taken to the judgment. So let the debris that they have left as a burden to mankind be encircled this day and let the flame pass through….” 

Then Astrea spoke directly to the Africians who were present: “Raise your hands and stretch them before you to release my fires through your heart and through your hand and through your head. Will you visualize four rays coming forth from you–from your heart, your third eye, and one from each hand. So release the power of the cube, release the power of Astrea. This is the ‘boxing in’ of discarnates and demons by the power of the square. So let your light go forth to confirm the work of the legions of blue lightning as you say together with me, Blaze forth the light!…So you have participated this day in a ritual of the sacred fire of the priests and priestesses of Lemuria.” 

On December 30, 1976, in a dictation entitled Encircling the Body of God with the Circle of Fire, Astrea explained that “the Elohim attend the birth of the Christ Child in every heart of humanity….We come, then, and give first priority in answer to your calls each day to the clearing of the new children whose consciousness is being impressed with the light of the Christ in answer to the calls and prayers of many among earth’s evolutions. But alas, when the prayers are not forthcoming, these souls are often subject to the bombardment of the energies and the programming of this world so that even in their mother’s wombs they receive that programming of the media and 18 

of the mass consciousness….We ask you, then, in the name of the Lord’s hosts as we give you this vision this day, to continue to augment your calls for the unborn.” Astrea said that before coming into incarnation, many are given an understanding of the Elohim Astrea–“a fairy godmother who will come in your hour of greatest need….” 

Astrea then enveloped each one “in an aura of cosmic purity in this moment that is for the translation of the very atomic structure of your minds and your bodies. And those of you who have tampered with mind and body in the taking in of impure substance and drugs, I come then again with a special dispensation of the Lords of Karma that you might find redemption and healing and illumination and a reweaving of the very cells and atoms and molecules and spiritual forcefields which have been torn and tampered with by your entering into those unholy states of partaking of that stimulus and stimulant which has not been authorized by the Elohim or God himself for your penetration of planes of consciousness.” Astrea explained that “marijuana is the energy of the death spiral, the disintegration of the Mother flame and the Mother soul within you.” 

And so Astrea–“a cosmic Mother”–commanded lightbearers to be active in the campaign for life: “Let us be done, then, with the death of the holy innocents! Let us be done with the aborting of life!” Astrea sent forth the circle of blue flame “as the lasso from God’s heart!…And souls who have called out for freedom, for God, for answers, for help, for healing–they are being drawn by the legions of Astrea into the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit.” 

In conclusion, Astrea said to chelas of the flame: “Remember, as you breathe your call to Astrea, that I am not simply the words on a printed page or the recitation of words. I AM the energy that is God! I AM the energy that flows from your lips! I AM the energy that is spoken through you and in you, the enfiring of your heart! I AM the consciousness that leaps each time you give that call to beloved Astrea! I AM there with the answer of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand! I charge you, do not forget that each time you give that decree once, one hundred million souls on earth are encircled by the sword of blue flame.” 

On April 8, 1977, Astrea spoke of The Work of the World Mother and Her Children in the Astral Plane. The Elohim described the action of the circle and sword of blue flame as “instantaneous exorcism.” Astrea explained that “this whirling sphere of light which you perceive as a cosmic circle is an 19 

energy field so intense that once you invoke it, you yourself, your loved ones, and all for whom you invoke it cannot be in the same vibration in which the circle of blue flame finds them. For you see, it is an acceleration of the swirling of energies and of the whirling of the electrons, and this acceleration causes that which is of the light to become lighter and that which is of the darkness to be drawn into an intense white-fire-core center of that sphere to be transmuted and consumed–cause, effect, record, and memory–in all of the planes of Mater…. 

“And what of the sword that repolarizes the consciousness, what of the mighty sword, the pillar of fire that draws out from the aura of souls all that is less than their own Christ perfection, aligns the chakras, balances the threefold flame, and makes of you an electrode of the Elohim? Do not underestimate the power of the sword of Astrea and of the hosts of the Lord. And therefore I say, as you have been told before, fashion your own sword of blue flame by the attainment of your heart chakra! Fashion it then, as Archangel Michael did aeons ago. He has been using it ever since, and you ought also to be using that sword. It is a rod of energy, of power, and of light. It is the sacred fire condensed for you to win in the fight…. 

“I welcome you to the ranks of the legions of light to serve in the cause of the Divine Mother as we go forth then, in this year, to restore the divine feminine to the women of America and to restore to them an understanding of their cosmic purpose….” 

Astrea called for “an adjustment of cycles” that the proper roles of “twin flames and cohorts of light” might be demonstrated. Astrea sent legions “to go forth across America for the repolarization of consciousness….Let the preoccupation with the misuses of the sacred fire, with pornography, and with the indulgences of the mind and the emotions in things that ought not to be–let them be cast aside!” 

Astrea then announced a dispensation whereby you may call forth the legions of Astrea “as often as you can twenty-four hours a day until you see the return to the state of the love of the wholeness of God and the purity of God and the family and the place of the child within society as the archetype of innocence….” 

Astrea came “on a mission of restoration.” The Elohim called to all people of God “to rise in defense of the rights of life and liberty and freedom–basic rights called human rights which we call the heritage of the sons and 20 

daughters of God.” The right to be the son, the daughter of God is the opportunity of free will vouchsafed by God. Astrea emphasized, therefore, that “the God-government of the nations…ought then to stand upon the principle of the defense of that freedom, come what may.” 

Saint Germain and Godfre then stood with Astrea and the Elohim called to “all legions of light throughout this galaxy and cosmos and from the Central Sun,…to all who have served Astrea and the Cosmic Virgin and her children to come to the great gathering of the hosts of the Lord on earth and to assist now in this hour….I call, then, for this dispensation from the Cosmic Council that that light for freedom and the resurrection be increased and that the darkness pitted against that light be decreased.” Mindful of the ‘dark cycle’ in Virgo (the return of mankind’s karma), Astrea called for “the dispensation for the increase of the light in the hearts of lightbearers.” 

The Elohim requested that their invocations include “the call to K-17 and his legions and the legions of Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director and to our own legions of light to bind by the authority of the Christ those individuals in incarnation who are plotting the destruction of the very foundation of America and the nations of the earth–their sovereignty, their authority to be–those who are plotting the destruction of the individual economies of the nations and their governments. I ask you to call for the binding of those who have motives which are not of the light, evil intent, and ultimately who are working against the soul evolution of the children of God upon earth. I ask you to call for the binding of those in the fields of education, psychology, and in the various movements religious and philosophical who are influencing the youth of the world in a morality that is precisely plotted for the desecration of the sacred fire within their temple and therefore to milk them of their light until through drugs and the misuses of the sacred fire they no longer have the energies to contact God…. 

“Let your calls be, then, according to this wording: ‘In the name of Jesus the Christ and my own Christ Self, in the name of my beloved I AM Presence, I call to K-17 and his legions of light, to Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director, mighty Astrea and Archangel Michael, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother for the binding on earth and in heaven of those forces of Antichrist who are moving against the light of the Christ on earth.’ And then you can name the conditions and the circumstances which I have described….” Astrea explained that “this is the work of the Mother within you.” 21 

On September 18, 1977, Purity released Shafts of Light for the Sealing of the Temple. The Elohim came “in a pillar of white fire descending from the Great Central Sun to envelop earth and her evolutions in a mighty light of purity this day that is for the sealing and the protection of that light which is within light….Fear not, then, with the coming of the trembling of the earth or the coming of the signs of the conclusion of an age, but…take now the energy of the Elohim that I anchor within this heart and use it for the sealing of the light and the lightbearers on earth.” 

Purity charged “one and all to prepare for the defense of this community of the Holy Spirit and…to insist, by the power of the Word, that those who represent you in America today shall also take action for the certain defense of all planes of life and consciousness in America and on earth. For the hour is come when the deliverance of the energies of God will also precipitate on earth the reactionary elements of those revolutionaries who are not the revolutionaries of God but are of the fallen ones and the rebellious creation.” 

Continuing the dictation, Purity placed “within your hearts, now, a cube energy of safety and of light that is for the reinforcement of your own God consciousness, for the equilibrium and the equalization within you of the light that is in God and the light that must be yours for your victory….Let your body be so filled with light that even though you be, then, functioning in this octave, the overwhelming preponderance of your being is sealed within the individual Christ Self. 

“Be the ones, then, who are for the redemption of the people Israel because you carry that light and that consciousness, and do not forbear to give it forth as the Word, the spoken Word of caution, of warning. And let this spoken Word be organized, and let it be a system whereby–word by word, letter by letter–there is a transfer of the necessary information to the people of God in every nation.” 

Purity then sealed the West Coast with “a light which descends now as great shafts to reinforce the work to which the hierarchy has set itself for the sealing of that time and that time and half a time that is for the expansion of the teaching and of the light of this dispensation of the Brotherhood. I come, then, to place these shafts of light in the aura of all those who have been without compromise in their service to our cause….And all who do not qualify 22 

this day may work to qualify themselves by a greater understanding of the law and the prophets and the path of initiation….” 

Purity explained that “there must be a great swelling of the violet flame, a great conversion of the masses of the people, or a great cataclysm; for by one or by the other, the earth herself shall come into alignment with the inner matrix, the inner blueprint of the great plan….And therefore I am coming because the days that pass, the cycles that pass, bring the confrontation of light and darkness nearer and nearer at hand….The very moment of the reckoning is at hand. So be it. Let the full light of the seven Elohim be registered now within your chakras, and let all who will be uncomfortable for the sake of the kingdom of God, his very consciousness in you, invoke that light in the fullest intensity that the great law will allow for your being. Do not be concerned, then, if by your invocation of that light you may experience a twenty-four or a forty-eight hour discomfort; for that discomfort may be the readjustment of your physical atoms, and we deem it far more important that this discomfort be upon you for this brief period than that the light descending at a later moment should take from you your very platform of evolution.” 

In conclusion, Purity explained that “the golden age of perfectionment and purity that you envision cannot manfiest in the gross, dense matter into which you have formed yourselves. And therefore, do not look here or there for the coming of the kingdom of God as through an outer technology; for the kingdom of God and the golden age must be an etheric civilization interpenetrating the Mater civilization. And therefore, the way of life of souls who will enter into this platform of reality is a new conception whereby the City Foursquare that descends out of heaven from God must meet also the ascending City Foursquare which is you, beloved, in the ritual of your resurrection.” 

On March 26, 1978, in a dictation entitled The Seven Spirits of God Converge in the Logos for the Binding and the Judgment of the Seed of the Wicked, Astrea sent forth a signal of light: 

“Standing as the fulcrum, the very sun center of the Mother ray of Elohim, I send forth the signal unto the stars for the release through Hercules, through Apollo, through Heros, through Purity, through Cyclopea, through Peace, through Arcturus for the magnificence of the God flame to resound as the cry of Alpha unto Omega ‘Let there be light!’ and out of Omega unto 23 

Alpha by the light of Amazonia, Lumina, Amora, Astrea, Virginia, Aloha, Victoria, ‘and there was light.’ Now from the heart of the Logos the emanation of the light ray for the binding and the judgment of the seed of the wicked–coils of fire, and the key of fohat. So it shall not be turned back. But lo, from the heart of Elohim, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva–light emanation of eternal spheres. And lo, and lo, and lo–heaven exacts the recompense. Heaven exacts the recompense. And by cosmic law, each according to his own qualification of light.” 

On March 11, 1979, Astrea came “in the flaming light of purity…to lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of all evil, all that is Antichrist in the very midst of the community of the Holy Spirit….O blue-white lightning from the heart of the Great Central Sun, burn through into the cause and core of all that would hide the great truth of the I AM THAT I AM within the souls of light upon earth, of all that would move against the movement of Pallas Athena–the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.” 

Astrea flung the sword of Truth, the mighty sword of Pallas Athena, into America. “It shall be a magnificent exposure of the light of God that never fails and the person of our embodied messenger and our chelas,” the Elohim explained, “and it shall be a mighty exposure of the seed of the wicked.” 

Then, a sealing action: “Elohim, come forth. Seal now the subterranean caverns of the earth and the gas belts. Seal them with the white light. Seal the San Andreas fault with the mighty white light of God in the Great Central Sun….Fill this entire coastal area with light, and let there be the sealing of the light and the sealing of the children of God.” 

Astrea called forth “the flaming ones of Sirius” for 1) “the binding of the seed of the wicked,” and 2) “the exposure of Archangel Michael’s rings upon rings of blue lightning angels who stand in the defense of America….Therefore, let there be translated to the leaders, the legislators, and the people of this nation the need for the defense of the Cosmic Christ consciousness and the soul on the path of initiation.” 

The Elohim explained that America is intended to be “a community of initiates.” That initiates might come forth, the Elohim decreed: “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I bind therefore that sensuality and that lust and that dalliance of the lightbearers and that self-love and that self-preservation….I AM Purity,…mighty Purity within Spirit and Matter, within the Alpha and 24 

Omega. We send forth that light…and we encircle every chela….We strip you now by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus Christ, of all those momentums of Antichrist…. 

“I lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around…fundamentalists and black magicians and Satanists and every mucleus of those individuals who have gathered in their groves now to work against the light of the Great White Brotherhood and their teachings. And I bind the cause and core of astral entities behind them and I strip them of their power….Roll it back into a white sphere! Roll it back now and let the children of the light go free.” 

With legions of the great teams of conquerors, Astrea came “for the clearing of the astral plane that this teaching might be spread abroad by the power of the resurrection flame.” Therefore “I anchor that light ray in the heart of Camelot,” the Elohim declared. “It is a flaming white light, a flaming blue lightning. It is the piercing light, now that is the defense of Truth…. 

“I come again for the sealing of America, for the sealing of lightbearers, and I come for the judgment of the wicked. For it is they who have placed this nation in jeopardy….Blaze forth the light! And let the hatred that is abroad throughout the nations of the earth as the jealousy of the favorite son Joseph, therefore, let it be bound. Bind the jealousy and the envy…. 

“I AM Brahman and I AM the white-fire core of the light, the point of light from which the worlds spring forth. I AM that God manifestation. Seal the earth, O sacred ones! Seal the earth, O Holy Kumaras! Seal the earth this day!” 

Dictations by Purity and Astrea: 1-1-62, 9-14-63, 6-7-64, 6-10-65, 8-21-65, 5-28-67, 7-27-68, 12-30-68, 4-10-71, 11-21-71, 7-22-72, 6-30-73, 7-4-73, 8-5-73, 12-8-74, 3-23-75, 5-25-75, 7-2-76, 9-19-76, 12-30-76, 4-8-77, 9-18-77, 3-26-78, 3-11-79. 

Retreat of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray–The retreat of Purity and Astrea is located in the etheric plane over the Gulf of Archangel, the southeast arm of the White Sea, Russia. The retreat focuses the energies of the base-of-the-spine chakra of the planet. The etheric focus interpenetrates the physical plane on the nearby plains. 

One enters the retreat through a large white pyramid that is aboveground. Three spires rise through this pyramid and above it; the center spire, extending 25 

through the capstone of the pyramid, is a yellow plume and the smaller spires on either side are pink and blue. One enters the triangular-shaped room and sees at the far end three large flame fountains of purity against the backdrop of midnight-blue walls. In the center of the room is the main staircase descending to a very large complex containing a network of classrooms, flame rooms, and a central hall. 

Immediately upon descending the stairs, we see another self-sustaining fountain of cosmic purity. Its radiation is so brilliant that we feel we are in the presence of the sun itself. Passing around the fountain, we descend another flight of stairs into the hall of the Elohim. At the far end upon a series of ascending circular platforms is the throne of Purity and Astrea. The domed ceiling is a clear midnight-blue mingling with deep violet, while the floor beneath our feet is snow-white stone. Four pillars form a square within the temple, and two more pillars are on the stairs we have just descended. 

Stone tables and benches in the same white material are scattered in geometric design throughout the hall. The white stone is used throughout the temple, tinted with the colors of the seven rays in order to focus the purity of the white fire and the Christ consciousness that is expressed through each of the seven rays. 

Six flights of stairs, three on either side of this great round hall, lead to other flame rooms and classrooms, one of which emits an intense sapphire-blue radiance. Descending into this room, we stand at the entrance and observe the magnificent flame of purity in powerful concentration. To the left in midair is the whirling focus of Astrea’s circle of blue flame, with the blue-flame sword, the pillar of fire, in the center. The velocity of the flame that forms the circle is so intense that it appears as if it is not moving at all; but we observe from the sparks of blue fire that are thrown off through the centripetal and centrifugal action of the whirling fire that it is indeed moving at great speed and with enough concentrated power of the will of God to cut through the most dense of any humanly misqualified energy. 

If we ever needed convincing that the fire of God inherent in the very heart of the earth was sufficient to give mankind salvation, we have abundant proof here that God in us is sufficient to meet every crisis of our existence. 

The Elohim have appointed hierarchs in charge of their retreat–masters serving on the blue and white rays. Their legions of white-fire and blue-lightning angels also tend the retreat and minister unto the flames. 26 


In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of___________, (give names of people for whom you are decreeing) by and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in the threefold flame burning within my heart, I call to beloved mighty Astrea, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, Elemental Life–Fire, Air, Water, and Earth! to lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame in, through, and around: 

Insert 1 

[my four lower bodies, my electronic belt, my heart chakra and all of my chakras, my entire consciousness, being, and world.] 

Cut me loose and set me free 

Cut me loose and set me free 

Cut me loose and set me free 

from all that is less than God’s perfection and my own divine plan fulfilled. 

1. O beloved Astrea, may God-purity Manifest here for all to see, God’s divine will shining through Circle and sword of brightest blue. 

First chorus:* 

Come now answer this my call 

Lock thy circle round us all. 

Circle and sword of brightest blue, 

Blaze now, raise now, shine right through! 27 

2. Cutting life free from patterns unwise, 

Burdens fall off while souls arise 

Into thine arms of infinite love, 

Merciful shining from heaven above. 

3. Circle and sword of Astrea now shine, Blazing blue-white my being refine, Stripping away all doubt and fear, Faith and good-will patterns appear. 

Second chorus: 

Come now answer this my call, 

Lock thy circle round us all. 

Circle and sword of brightest blue, 

Raise our youth now, blaze right through! 

Third chorus: 

Come now answer this my call, 

Lock thy circle round us all. 

Circle and sword of brightest blue, 

Raise mankind now, shine right through! 

*Give the entire decree once through, using the first chorus after each verse. Then give the verses again, using the second chorus after each one. Conclude by using the third chorus after each verse. “And in full faith…”