Biofield Clearing

Biofield Clearing:

Our Biofield often contains unconscious wounds, trauma’s, core fears,
limiting beliefs, cellular memories, emotions, and even inherited and ancestral
patterns that get trapped in our energy field and cause physical and emotional
imbalances. They can limit our success in all aspects of our lives, including
relationships, health, and even financial success. 
Bio Field Clearing is a powerful healing system that identifies and instructs us
in clearing challenges, or negative influences, from our energy field, deep into
our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA.


Charting Your Soul’s Journey:

There is a science of charting the cycles of our soul’s karma and initiations. It
is not traditional astrology. It is an inner astrology whereby we can chart the
cycles of our karma and be the master of our fate, our cycles and our destiny.
This science allows us to chart the cycles of our dharma and to fulfill our
reason for being. Day by day we experience the cycles of our tests and
initiations in life, an awareness of this science can help us pass these tests.
Each Chakra is like a Spinning Disk of Energy. When our Energy is out of balance one
or more of the Chakras may be spinning too slow or too fast. Sometimes a Chakra will
even stop spinning, which means there is a blockage.

A Chakra Balancing Session is about balancing the Energy flow of each of the Chakras.
During a Chakra Balancing Session, the flow of energy is assessed and blockages are
removed and the flow of energy from all the chakras is evened out. Chakras give off a
certain color or vibration which aids in balancing our Chakras. When life force energy is
freely flowing through our chakras we feel more balanced, grounded and lighter.