Board of Directors


Jennifer Ledbetter, Founder & President

Jennifer Ledbetter is the founder and president of Caregivers Wellness Foundation a 501 c (3) non-profit foundation doing business as A New Day Studios.  In 2017 Jennifer established the foundation to create a place for practitioners in alternative holistic wellness to share their gifts to the masses while preparing a platform for the future generations to serve and educate the communities they serve.

Jennifer has been practicing energy medicine since she was older enough to understand the work before her.  Her mother, (name), taught her what she had learned from her teacher Patrica Cota-Robles and the founders of Summit Lighthouse and the Omega Institutes.  It was through this training that Jennifer began studying the Divine and the works of the Violet Flame which guide her to this day.  Jennifer is a pure soul who seeks the good in everyone and it is with this approach that she brings students, practitioners and all lightworkers to the forefront of self-healing for others.

She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who have all been raised with the light in mind.  She has taught all her children that a lack of fear, doubt, and richness of love for one's self is important to achieve your highest potential.  Beyond her children and grandchildren, she extends all love to anyone she approaches in practice, in community, and in education.

Through this, she built a foundation for self-healing care because she believes we are all caregivers, first of others, but most importantly of ourselves.  If you don't love and care for yourself, then you cannot care for others with the highest intent to heal in mind.


Dr. Marilyn Watts, Vice-President

Dr. Marilyn Watts is a retired Board Certified Pediatrician who became highly concerned with the dangers and overuse of prescription medications in the medical profession and decided to step out and make a difference. This passionate, outspoken physician made it her business to write fewer prescriptions for her patients, offer a more alternative and holistic form of care, and empower the masses with instructions for prevention and proactive care. Dr. Watts' insight is amazing.

Dr. Watts' focus is teaching people on understanding how to live a healthier more vibrate life simply using FARMaceuticals; healthy foods, rather than PHARMaceuticals in the prevention and healing of various disease processes in the body. Dr. Watts spent 10 years in private practice as a Physician of Western Medicine treating a multitude of various disease processes and educating on preventive health care before retiring and redirecting her attention towards a more holistic approach. After her retirement from her two thriving private practices, she served as a Medical Director at several Chiropractic clinics treating, educating, and training clients with muscle and joint pain, as well as other injuries, on techniques to overcome mild to severe muscle and joint pains without narcotics with a more holistic approach.

Finally, after years of much research and study, as well as her own personal health transformation, she's ready to introduce "Farmaceuticals In A Box" to the world. The same supplements she uses daily.

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